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On October 12, 2014 Betty (Van Winkle) Mahalik departed this Earth after a yearlong battle with breast cancer. This website remains in honor of Betty Mahalik and you are encouraged to celebrate her life by learning more about what she lived for and following her wisdom and experience as a life coach.

Services and Programs


One-on-one coaching -
Consists of three 40-45 minute monthly telephone coaching sessions, plus unlimited email support between calls. May include face-to-face coaching sessions if necessary. Fees range from $500 @ month and up.

Group coaching -
Periodically Betty offers group coaching for those who prefer the support, synergy and encouragement of others in reaching their goals. Fees range from $250 @ month. To receive notice of upcoming group coaching programs, live seminars or to receive Betty's weekly motivational message, Monday Morning Coach, enter your email address at the top of the page and click Subscribe.

Keynotes, Seminars & Training -

Dynamic Solutions offers a range of programs available in keynote, half- or full-day formats to meet your group or organization's needs. Here are brief descriptions of programs - customizable to meet your needs:

  • Your Best Year Yet!—It's never too late to have your best year yet! In this dynamic program, Betty takes you through the steps that successful people and organizations use to stay focused on what matters most in our rapidly changing world. In the shorter presentation (60-90 minutes) participants learn the five principles necessary to have a great year. In the longer program (half-day), participants go through the 10-step process for creating an exciting one-page business and personal plan. Either way, participants will leave energized and ready to embark on their best year yet!
  • The Power of One—Can one person really make a difference in today's world? The answer is a resounding "yes!" In this inspiring motivational presentation, Betty Mahalik shares real life examples of people who made a difference by doing what they could to change their circumstances in spite of overwhelming odds. And you'll leave with specific steps you can take today to exercise your "Power of One." If you've ever said, "but what can I do; I'm only one person?", then The Power of One may be the catalyst for "being the change you want to see in the world."
  • Is There Life After Stress?—A humorous look at stress, what contributes to our over-stressed society and practical tips on how to maintain balance and perspective in the midst of stressful situations.
  • Successfully Speaking—Effective speakers are made, not born. That is the message behind this practical program which focuses on the fundamentals of preparing and presenting talks. Topics include: analyzing your audience, formulas for developing your presentations, tips on rehearsing, non-verbal language and podium presence. Participants will actually prepare and deliver one or more brief presentations, depending on time allotted.
  • Is Anybody Listening?—Human beings spend nearly half of their waking hours in activities that demand good listening skills, yet recent surveys indicate that a tiny fraction of people are good listeners. As a manager and leader your success can be directly linked to how well you listen. Gain an understanding of this critical communication skill, as well as strategies to apply now that will improve your listening skill, and in the process, enhance both business and personal relationships.
  • Becoming a Change Master—As the old saying goes, "the only constant is change." And while it certainly has become a constant, most of us are uncomfortable dealing with change. In this program, participants learn why change is so threatening, gain an understanding of the predictable phases of change, and develop a series of six "flex factor" strategies for transforming change resistance into change resilience.
  • Living a Five Star Life—If you've ever heard the saying "life is not a dress rehearsal" but thought, "So why am I just going through the motions" then this is the program for you! Betty's practical steps for "living a five star life" will leave you energized and empowered to take center stage in "your big fat great life!"


Specialized programs


Get Clients Now!™—Imagine, 28 days from now having all the clients you can handle! If you are a coach, consultant, financial services advisor, or other professional marketing your services you need a proven method for creating a steady stream of qualified prospects and clients. Get Clients Now!™ is a simple, but powerful system that helps business professionals solve one of their greatest challenges: getting clients! In this licensed program, developed and tested by master coach CJ Hayden, Betty Mahalik, PCC leads you through the proven steps for reaching the right prospects and generating more clients for your business.

What you'll learn from Get Clients Now!™

  • What really works (and what doesn't) in marketing professional services
  • How the marketing cycle affects where you need to focus your activities
  • Which activities produce the kind of results that will build your client base

Plus, you'll receive worksheets and tracking tools to help you stay focused and taking consistent action! You'll create your customized 28-day Get Clients Now!™ Marketing Action Plan and get support, encouragement and motivation along the way with the GCN! 28-day coaching program. Check the "What's New" section of the website for details and schedule of upcoming GCN! programs so you can start attracting more clients, NOW!

Best Year Yet®—Most people know they would have happier, more productive and successful lives if they took the time to set clear, intentional, written goals. And yet statistics show only 3% of the population ever takes time to do so. In this lively half-day program (may be longer if group or team is involved) you'll create a game plan, complete with your own self-created guidelines, empowering vision and S.M.A.R.T. goals that will have you ready to make the next 12 months your best year yet! Check the "What's New" section for details and schedule of upcoming BYY programs.


Facilitation Services


Dynamic Solutions also offers professional facilitation services for staff retreats, planning and brainstorming sessions or other meetings where your group would benefit from having the skilled leadership of an outside facilitator to guide the discussion, provide follow-up, and structure the meeting for maximum impact in minimum time.

For a detailed proposal or fee sheet, contact Dynamic Solutions by calling (702) 658-4425 or fill out the Contact Form.


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