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On October 12, 2014 Betty (Van Winkle) Mahalik departed this Earth after a yearlong battle with breast cancer. This website remains in honor of Betty Mahalik and you are encouraged to celebrate her life by learning more about what she lived for and following her wisdom and experience as a life coach.

What kind of results can you expect from coaching?


According to ICF research:

  • more than 67% of those surveyed reported greater self-awareness,
  • more than 60% said they set better goals after coaching;
  • 60% reported a more balanced life and lower stress
  • 40% reported stronger communication skills with co-workers, managers and family members


Your results will vary depending on these factors:

  • Clarity of your goals and/or vision
  • Willingness to take action (coaching isn't "talk therapy")
  • Commitment to doing whatever it takes to change your life/improve results


The most successful clients are those who play the game using the following success formula:

Commitment + Clarity + Consistent Action = Amazing Results!

"In the past year (2009 vs. 2008) my sales have increased 29.5%, net profit increased 283.7%! and percentage of net profit went from 15.2% to 45%."
Mary M. Small Business Owner




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