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What kind of results can you expect from coaching?


According to ICF research:

  • more than 67% of those surveyed reported greater self-awareness,
  • more than 60% said they set better goals after coaching;
  • 60% reported a more balanced life and lower stress
  • 40% reported stronger communication skills with co-workers, managers and family members


Your results will vary depending on these factors:

  • Clarity of your goals and/or vision
  • Willingness to take action (coaching isn't "talk therapy")
  • Commitment to doing whatever it takes to change your life/improve results


The most successful clients are those who play the game using the following success formula:

Commitment + Clarity + Consistent Action = Amazing Results!

"In the past year (2009 vs. 2008) my sales have increased 29.5%, net profit increased 283.7%! and percentage of net profit went from 15.2% to 45%."
Mary M. Small Business Owner




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