How To Make Money As An Author

Everyone can write but only a few can do it well. People are willing to pay for talented writers wherever they may be. If you are highly skilled, then you can make money as an author of various online works. It won’t be easy but it might be worth a try. The following is a list of common paths taken by authors, and this site too:

1. Create a blog.

Start small and build your way up. Create your own blog where you can write about any topic on your mind. It would be great if all of them can be connected to the main theme. Think about your brand. Consider how you want to be seen by the rest of the world. Write about the things that you are passionate about whether it’s a sport, a hobby, an industry, or everything else. You could check out what’s hot right now for guidance but your personal knowledge and preference should weigh more. Earn through advertising, affiliate programs, and product placements.

2. Write an e-book.

If you have always wanted to write your own book, then do it now. There is no point in waiting for the right time. This is an era where we can publish our own works. There is no need to get the nod of gatekeepers. Just set aside an hour or so every day for this project. Aim for a few thousand words each week. For most people, nonfiction writing makes more sense. Talk about a niche topic that you know inside out. Make it interesting and helpful for others. Of course, you can also write fiction if you have the skills for it. You might have to publish several books before you start seeing the fruits of your labor.

3. Become a copywriter.

There are a lot of places that hire copywriters for business-focused work. Clients want their site visitors to be engaged with the content and the message. They want high conversation rates and better sales figures. They need writers who know how to get the reader’s attention, show empathy for their problems, present the product as a viable solution, and convince them to make a purchase right away.

4. Write for magazines.

If you are a gifted writer with interesting ideas, then you can send a pitch to magazines. They might just hire you to write that article or send you on an assignment. The pay tends to be higher than on other platforms so it’s a good gig if you can get it. Having credibility that you can deliver on your promises is important. This is where having a respectable blog or a portfolio of works will come in handy.

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