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On October 12, 2014 Betty (Van Winkle) Mahalik departed this Earth after a yearlong battle with breast cancer. This website remains in honor of Betty Mahalik and you are encouraged to celebrate her life by learning more about what she lived for and following her wisdom and experience as a life coach.

Who Are Our Clients?


You're an independent professional in accounting, sales, financial services, law, coaching, consulting, real estate or another profession. You know you're ready to take a giant leap forward in your business but need some fine-tuning. Maybe you need to generate more business or strengthen your networking and marketing skills. Maybe you've thought about going into business for yourself and need someone to help you create your game plan for success, or use your time doing the right things. Or maybe you're like an iceberg with all of your greatest stuff hidden below the surface and you need a trusted partner to help you discover and use more of your innate strengths!

You can keep struggling along, hoping to figure things out on your own, or you can hire a coach to help you:

  • take more, better and smarter actions,
  • set clearer more powerful goals
  • structure and use your time more effectively
  • create systems to help you get where you're going faster with less stress
  • find the right resources to help you succeed
  • meet more of the right prospects
  • clarify your direction and priorities
  • focus on doing what you do best
  • get better organized
  • overcome fear and eliminate procrastination


You're an executive or manager who is ready to move up the career ladder at your company. You know you need to develop your "people skills", hone your interpersonal communication savvy, polish your presentation skills, or improve delegation or meeting management skills. You're not sure where to start.

Enter a gifted coaching partner to help you:

  • identify your natural strengths and use them more effectively
  • learn to flex and adapt your communication style
  • create and execute strategies to improve your results with colleagues, superiors and subordinates
  • develop a strategy to move you up the ladder or in an entirely new direction
  • improve meeting management and delegation skills
  • develop your leadership skills and style
  • cultivate greater conflict management skills


You're a hard-charging entrepreneur, running your own show and loving it. But, you're starting to lose track of your family, your health is suffering, and you know if you don't make some changes soon you'll pay a heavy price. But where to begin?

A coach will help you:

  • rediscover your values
  • design goals around them, and "put first things first."
  • learn to decide which projects to work on now and which later
  • create a great life not just an impressive lifestyle
  • balance work and personal priorities
  • shift from "someday I'll" to "I'll act on it now."


Dynamic Solutions coaching clients come from the ranks of independents to small and medium sized businesses. Some clients are business owners, others are independent professionals; still others are managers or executives working for someone else.

What they have in common is that they're already successful.

They are likely making more than enough money, doing what they enjoy. They're smart, even gifted, but they know something is missing. Perhaps it's a skill, perhaps they need an attitude makeover, or maybe it's getting in action on what they already know to do but aren't doing. And they're smart enough to realize that "going it alone" isn't taking them where they want to go. They know that investing in themselves is one of the smartest investments they will ever make. And they are ready, willing and able to commit the time and resources necessary to get RESULTS!

If this sounds like you, contact Betty Mahalik of Dynamic Solutions Coaching & Training to find out more about coaching or schedule a complimentary coaching call.

Not sure if you're ready? Click here to take our free Are You Ready for Coaching? quiz, then give us a call. (702) 658-4425 or email: bettym@dynamic-coaching.com.


"The problem in my life and other people's lives is not the absence of knowing what to do, but the absence of doing it."
~~Peter Drucker

"Betty's professional and very personalized approach helped me stay the course and remain focused in turbulent times. Today I enjoy my profession as never before. The quality of my client base has improved, as well as my effectiveness in advising them. This has resulted in greater financial peace of mind for my clients and greater satisfaction for me as an advisor."
Gary Stratton
Professional Investment Advisor




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