Guide To Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As Google adapts to mobile and refers more traffic to mobile versions of sites, having a mobile friendly website is essential. Another key factor in the eyes of Google’s algorithm is related to the user experience. This refers to the loading time of the page because slower pages typically have a higher bounce rate and average time spent on the page is lower.

More than 200 factors are taken into account in organic positioning. To understand search engine optimization (SEO), it is essential to know the main factors use to determine site ranking.

Several categories of ranking factors can be distinguished. Thus, a first distinction can be made between on-page and other off-page factors. On-page SEO refers to the good practices of site publishers that ensure their content is easily discovered and indexed by search engines. Conversely, off-page optimization refers to SEO strategies affecting the site as a whole and its links to other sites.

Another distinction can be made between technical and content factors. Google does not communicate the details of its algorithms but some optimization factors have more importance than others. Hence, site owners and organization, such as OMG Machines place emphasis on this aspect.


Search engines, such as Google deploy new algorithms on a regular basis with the aim to improve user experience and the quality of pages featured on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The algorithm Google Hummingbird was released in September 2013. It was designed to better understand the intentions of the user, especially when it comes to “long-tail” queries (several words), in order to display relevant results according to the user’s content needs.

Link authority

Backlinks with a quality profile (reputable sites, institutional or having a good profile of backlinks) carry more weight in the eyes of Google. Link authority is one of the most important SEO factors. A link to a site with authority is better than a hundred poor quality links, the latter may even attract penalties from the search engines. Some of the good examples of authoritative sites include government, educational and corporate websites.

Anchor text

Anchor text is visible and clickable text in a link. The words contained in anchor texts of backlinks pointing to a site are taken into account in the positioning of a site on Google. The logic behind this is that incoming links to a site should come from web pages dealing with similar topics, which is reflected in the anchor texts. In addition, for Google, the diversity of anchor text types backlinks (generic text, thematic text, brand name, URL, etc.) is synonymous with quality and relevance.

Relevance of content and originality

Search engines highlight web pages that bring the most value to users according to search relevance. When you want to rank well on Google, you must provide original and relevant content.

Length of content

The length of the content on web pages is a referencing criteria on in the eyes of Google. However, the ideal length of the content can vary enormously from one industry to another. The best way to get an idea of the length of the content to be produced is therefore to make a study of the competition on the keywords you are targeting. One thousand words is a good minimum.

Additional considerations

To ensure good visibility, it is important to regularly update social media content and encourage dialogue with users. The characteristics of social media are particularly suited to improving the after-sales service of a company. Many companies such as Dell use their Twitter account to respond directly to customer requests for their products. This social media application quickly disarms potential conflicts and provides responses to disgruntled customers.

It also helps to better understand customer queries and gives businesses the opportunity to improve products and services based on this information. It is vital for this kind of service to respond quickly and constructively to satisfy the customer and show that you are addressing concerns.

One can wonder about the risk of the transparency of an after-sales service on the social media because the complaints or requests are in the sight of everyone. In reality, this transparency has a positive effect on the image of the company because it shows that you are keen to meet the demands of your customers.

Why You Need A Great SEO Campaign

Search engine optimization is usually abbreviated to SEO. It is one of the most misunderstood concepts of all time because it means different things to different people. In fact, some experts and internet gurus cannot come to an agreement on what SEO means. However, it is easy to understand SEO if you look at it from a pragmatic perspective.

Understanding SEO
When people want to buy goods and services online, they usually start the process by carrying out a Google search for the product or service they are looking for. For example, if you want to buy fairly used computers, you can just head over to, type in the expression “fairly used computers” into the search bar and hit the “enter” button. This search will give you a number of websites that sell the computers you want to buy. Now, the point here is that the websites that appear at the top of the page are the ones that are properly optimized. In simple English, SEO means making your website search engine-friendly. When potential customers search for the goods or services that you sell, your website will appear in the search engine results pages and the customers will patronize you.

Standard SEO Strategies
There are many ways to make SEO work to your advantage but you have to understand the best SEO strategies so that you can use them to market your business. Some of the best SEO strategies are blogging, online videos, social media marketing, relevant content and email marketing. Below are some ways to use these strategies to market your business and make it grow.

Company Blog
If you have not set up a blog for your online firm, you should do so immediately. A blog is a great way to give your online firm credibility and visibility. Your company blog also helps you stay in touch with your customers. You can use the blog to introduce new products, get feedback from your customers and even target new customers. Update your blog often and make sure the content is relevant to the service you offer. Even if you cannot write your own blog posts, you can hire an excellent freelance writer to create wonderful blog posts for you. Set up a great blog and you will improve your page rank and make your site more visible to search engines.

Online Videos
One smart way to market your firm is to post videos online. A site like attracts millions of visitors every day. Post your company videos to this site and other similar sites out there and you will notice amazing results. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth two thousand words. The great thing about online videos is that you are using audio and visual effects to market your business. This is a powerful move and it guaranteed to boost sales and get new customers for your company.

Social Media Marketing
If you do not maintain a healthy social media presence, you might be missing a great SEO opportunity. This is because millions of people visit social media sites every day. If you have an active social media presence on sites like Twitter and Facebook, you will reach many new customers and your business will grow. In addition, this is a great SEO strategy because it will improve your page rank.

Email Marketing
You do not have to wait for customers to discover your website and come to you. You can simply introduce your business to them by sending emails to them. This is called email marketing and it is a wonderful way to target new customers. Email marketing is cheap, effective and clean. Just compose a great letter, send the emails to prospective clients and you will create new markets for your business.

Relevant Content
When it comes to SEO, you should not underestimate the power of relevant content. Write great articles and use keywords the right way. Use meta tags and links properly and search engines will fall in love with your website.

Final Word
SEO covers a lot of ground so you should get as much authentic information as you can. Log on to and read OMG Machines review online for more information on this topic. Get informed and you will use SEO the right way.